Expert skill

Since 1904 and the very first designs for cabaret dancers,
our expert skill in crafting exclusive styles has endured.

Creative excellence

From the founding Ernest family down to Isabelle Bordji,
the current Creative Director of the brand, our Maison carries
on a venerable tradition of creative excellence.
Tradition, bold style, and a modern spirit infused with freedom
are the many concepts that guide the work of Isabelle Bordji,
to enhance the beauty of the Maison Ernest woman.

Optimal comfort

Isabelle also respects with care the anatomy of the female foot, integrating complementary elements to the shoe
with the aim of an optimal comfort.
Our heritage in the dance world and our commitment to excellence liberate Women to wear their Maison Ernest all day long or
late into the night.


Our iconic styles are meticulously
hand-assembled in our Italian workshops.

Sustainable approach

Maison Ernest takes a sustainable approach to its selection of leathers.

We also scrupulously research the origins of various elements in the manufacturing process, to reduce our carbon footprint. 

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