The year that Paris saw the opening of a new luxury Maison, known as Ernest Chausseur, just steps away from the famous Moulin Rouge.
The world of fashion its beginnings in Pigalle discovered with real amazement, surrounded by the most famous cabaret dancers, through its first designs in a classic, luxurious style.


Picasso and Dali, who were initially its neighbors, became friendly with the Maison, sharing a desire for absolute freedom, which was quite rare at that time.

The 1920's

Dancers, women of the world, artists, and all of Paris raved about the Maison’s first creations. It gradually became a benchmark brand by designing true objects of fantasy. 

Women gave themselves a bit of height from which to observe Parisian life.

The 1920's

In 1926, the Bal du Moulin Rouge revue, masterfully led by Mistinguett and her dancers, competed with Josephine Baker at the Folies Bergères, yet all of them came together at Place Blanche, to come have a look at 75 du boulevard de Clichy…

The 1950's/60's

On the cusp of its first half-century, Ernest Chausseur saw a new generation take the reins. 

Proud of its heritage and family craftsmanship, Jeanine, the daughter of Ernest, carried on the venerable history of the Maison and decided to rename it ERNEST. 

The 1950's/60's

Ernest, a young sixty-something still full of energy, turned its attention to the rest of the world and began communicating with its clients from every latitude, through its catalogues.

Jeanine had a dream…
Different continents, different cultures, but all about women thirsting for freedom: the ERNEST WOMAN.

The 1970's

With each passing year, Ernest kept enchanting the world…
The finest artists continued to admire her with great passion.

Helmut Newton, the Berlin master of photography, fell under the spell of “Elysée”, so irresistible from atop its 14 cm. height.
He decided to take feminine allure to the next level in his work, making Ernest a faithful ally in his quest.

The 1980's

On the verge of its age of wisdom, in the 1980s, Ernest accompanied celebrities, enhancing their beauty on their nights out in Paris.
Ernest turned all kinds of heads. It would be the first to make its creations into pieces guided only by pure desire.

At this point, fashion icons started to fall in love with Ernest’s iconic styles.
Out of these encounters, the one with Jean-Paul Gaultier, a great admirer of the brand, would be the most creatively fruitful. From the alliance of their talents emerged a timeless style, the iconic “GO” pump. Ernest’s friendship with the sailor-shirted designer would see the inception of several collaborations for his fashion shows and extravaganzas.

The 1990's/2000's

With shows created by Bianca Li or Philippe Decouflé and fashion photoshoots by Karl Lagerfeld, Ernest was everywhere at once and partnered with the biggest names…


Destiny placed upon the pathway of Ernest a princess from faraway lands, Isabelle Bordji.
A new life began for Ernest with the passion of its new Creative Director. She infused it with a new youthful spirit, restoring pride of place to the beautiful Ernest name within the heritage of Parisian fashion history.

The union of these two histories would take Ernest into a new dimension.

Beyonce C., Monica B., Clothilde C., Miss F., Kate M., Cardi B….such are the many famous names who have had beautiful encounters with the creations of this Maison.
Vogue, L’Officiel, ELLE…the international media also offered this brand fresh publicity.

The 2010's

To proudly reconnect with its French heritage, Ernest was renamed
Maison Ernest in 2015.

Infused with the spirit of freedom, following no rules but its own, as a citizen of the world, Maison Ernest has forged its path at the heart of the City of Light and opened a new establishment in the very center of Saint-Germain des Prés.

Starting in 2017, Maison Ernest opened a new way forward by inventing “heel jewels” to enhance feet as a showcase for beauty and by starting to make handbags once again.

The 2020's

Today, the whole world wants to wear the highest of heels in all shades of color, with a bold spirit, in total respect of the unique craftsmanship that reflects a real eye for detail and comfort.

Eager to expand into new areas, Maison Ernest dares to dream, with a project that has seen it become even more feminine in 2022, its first-ever dress collection…

Welcome to Maison Ernest.
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